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Why choose us?

When I established "Had Ve Halak" it was important to me that my business reflects my values ​​and beliefs as a designer and as a person.
Prior to any work I approach to, much thought, planning and research is invested.
My work is meticulous to the smallest details and done very precisely.
I believe my work must include a clear message that will function best alongside the selected graphic language, so that there is justification for any design element created.
For me, a work without a strong and effective message is like a race car with no fuel.
In addition, the message must optimally match the target audience it is aiming.

Why choose us?

Hi there!

My name is Tal Maimon, I am a graphic designer with a bachelor's degree in visual communications with an extensive experience in digital and print design for over a decade.
Ever since I remember myself - design, animation and art have been part of my world. From an early age I was practicing in painting and art.
During my studies I developed my graphic skills, I specialized in branding, print and digital design.
I became addicted to the field and realized that I was meant to be a designer.
I have a strong passion for graphic design, animation and photography.
I believe that my passion and devotion are a necessary factor in the success of my work.

Hi there!

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Contact me and we will discuss about your business and your business goals so together we will build
a winning brand that aims your target audience!


Our Sevices

Web development and design
Logo design
Business cards
Print and digital design
Landing page design
Design for Social media
Static and dynamic banners
Promotional videos
Brochure & Catalog Design
Event invitations

Had Ve' Halak - graphic design sevices



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