Business card design

Leave a great impression at the end of a meeting

For many business owners there is no substitute to frontal meetings with customers and suppliers and to a direct face-to-face contact.
Giving an impressive card to a customer or supplier at the end of a meeting is a critical action that may create a strong first impression.

Why do you need a business card?

Why do you need a business card?

Designing business cards by experts in the field will allow a respectable representation of your company and conveying the brand values optimally.
From there the way to remember your company and the start of a business relationship while differentiation from the competitors will be much shorter.

Designing such business cards require a great deal of experience and knowledge. In order to achieve the best result, you need a designer who understands your needs and will know how to score to your taste. We will make sure you will be 100% satisfied!
We know how to identify the nature of the business and fit the design perfectly.
We maintain even and consistent design according to the nature of the company and branding materials, if exist.
Our graphic language is clean so that all important details will appear on the card in a readable and clear way.

What do you get when ordering business cards?

  What do you get?

After getting to know your company, we will be conducting a winning design concept and we will create sketches for you to choose from.
We will make you look leading in your field and create for you original and unique design.
At the end of the process you will get a high quality, ready for print file, according to the requirements of the printing house you choose and the way of printing.

Had Ve' Halak | Digital business card design

You're thinking green? We're into it!

For those of you looking for an interactive and environmentally friendly service, we also offer a digital business card design.
By using it you can show your details to the client on the mobile monitor, show your services or products, refer them to the company's website, your pages on social networks, articles you have written and more.

Upgrade your business with a professional business card design

Ready to significantly improve your company's visibility and give it the most respectable look?

Contact us and we will design for you very impressive business cards!

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