Leave your competitors behind!

Had Ve' Halak studio with an extensive experience in designing logos, for over a decade.
We believe in exceptional customer service.
We will accompany you from the beginning of the process to the end.
We will create for you original, respectable and unique design, according to your demands.

Logo design process

What is the process?

The work process with the client includes meticulous, individual and professional accompaniment – one on one.
We perform comprehensive planning and preliminary research on your business and the leading competitors in the field.
After mapping out competing brands, we decide together on a marketing strategy and choose a unique concept that will ideally express the brand values.
This way, we can accurately transmit these values to the targeted audience, while creating a colorful and conceptual differentiation from your competitors.

Perfect logo design in all aspects

What do you get at the end?

We send the final product only after we make sure the result is perfect.
At the end of the process you will get a perfect logo only after being tested in all respects:

  • Catchy and easy to remember.

  • Readable in any size, even in the smallest sizes.

  • Readable on screens and in print.

  • With colorful harmony.

  • Versatile - Can be applied in color, black, white and grayscale.

These features are of great importance in order to be optimally adjusted to any possible media.

Logo design will upgrade your company's visibility!

Ready to upgrade your company's visibility and business branding?

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